Psychedelic Therapy

Smoke in the air

Alcohol simmers your throat

Drugging what you fear

Popping pills to cope

Distracted from everything here

Anything to get you high when you’re low

What happens when there aren’t anymore drugs there

And your fears will grow

More enhanced and vivid

Seems like you’re faced with an unbeatable opposition

Without your drugs, can you win

Or will you get drugged up again

Oh, just drug me, boot me up

Room full of demons

Oh, just touch me, shoot me up

Arm full of needles

Take me on an acid trip where i can really see through the window pane

To avoid the pain of reality i rather hallucinate

Crack in my pipe, cocaine give me nose bleeds

Red in my eyes, as i smoke a stick of weed

I need an angel, her name is PCP

Mother of salvation, the leaves of Mary

I need to know what love is, give me some ecstasy

I don’t know what love is, i need some psychedelic therapy



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